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Tuesday, July 11

Sen: Hackett Endorses Brown (D) - Photos

Yesterday I drove to Cincinnati to attend a unity rally in Friendship Park along the Ohio River, where a crowd of over one hundred gathered in sweltering heat to hear Iraq veteran and former senatorial primary candidate Paul Hackett (D-Indian Hills) express unqualified support for senatorial nominee Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-Avon), and urge all of his supporters to help elect Brown. I am preparing a transcript and audio of the speeches, but meanwhile here are photographs from the event.
Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory spoke first, hailing the importance of the occasion and thanking everyone for attending in the heat and on such short notice. I've never heard Mallory speak before, and I was struck by the dignity and presence of the man. 1st District Congressional candidate and current Cincinnati councilman John Cranley is behind him (to the right).

Paul Hackett and his wife Suzi are behind Mallory, with one of their three children looking very hot in the tie-dyed shirt, and Sherrod Brown and his wife Connie Schultz are next to them. I was pleased to meet Ohio Senate 7th District candidate Rick Smith at the event; he is in the far background in the orange shirt. There were many other candidates, elected officials, and party officers in the crowd behind the speakers.

Here is a shot of part of the crowd, with media types in the center. The man in the yellow shirt and white hat is Bill Sloat, the Cincinnati bureau chief for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Paul Hackett spoke second. As usual, he was personable and funny but very direct. He always conveys that he is pulling no punches. He emphasized his total support for Sherrod Brown and the importance to Ohio and the nation of electing him. He also made a very sincere and convincing apology for his intemperate remarks about Brown in the past. He chalked it up to his Irish temperament, noting that it was not the kind of example he wanted to set, and he was forthright about the importance of admitting and apologizing for his mistakes.

This is Connie Schultz listening (in the dark glasses), alongside 2nd District Congressional candidate Dr. Victoria Wulsin. I introduced myself to Wulsin before the event began, and she was very friendly and enthusiastic. Several people commented to me about how terrific her speech was at her recent campaign kickoff event.

Hackett was accompanied at the microphone by his daughter, who held up very well considering the bright sunlight and heat.

Sherrod Brown began by thanking Hackett for being such a class act. They hugged briefly before Brown began to speak, and just as he began Hackett also hugged Connie Schultz, as seen here.


At 2:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's your report on Sunday's event at Eton? Barbara Sykes kicked butt! Did you snag any Hollie Lauren Gallagher emery boards?


At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barbara Sykes is an incredible canndidate = brains, beauty, experience, personality and commitment to do what is right - for the once great State of Ohio
Send her to the Auditors office and watch her watch Ohio's money and where it goes and why.
Oh and send her some contributions - she deserves your support!!!

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