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Tuesday, November 7

More Reports of Voting Problems

Reports coming in from various points in Ohio:
In the southwest part of the state many polling places are requiring that the address on a voter's drivers license match the address on the voter registation list, which is not correct. Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Cincinnati) had to go home and get a utility bill in order to vote, due to this erroneous requirement.

In Franklin County (Columbus), the county phone system crashed due to the volume of calls from confused voters and poll workers. (h/t Plunderbund)

At one elementary school in a predominantly African-American area of East Cleveland, none of the twelve voting machines were working, and the poll workers didn't know how to use paper ballots instead. (h/t Hypothetically Speaking)

The Plain Dealer is reporting that more than 40 of the 573 polling places in Cuyahoga County have reverted to paper ballots because the machines aren't working, including Highland Heights Community Center, Beachland Presbyterian Church in Cleveland, and Robert Fulton Elementary School. CORRECTION: 40 polling places with significant problems, 8 that switched over to paper ballots coompletely.


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