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Friday, November 3

Poll Indicates Dems Will Sweep Statewides!

Fabulous news for Democratic candidates from a new Plain Dealer/Mason-Dixon poll:

56% Strickland (D)
37% Blackwell (R)

Attorney General:
44% Dann (D)
44% Montgomery (R)

40% Sykes (D)
37% Taylor (R)

Secretary of State:
41% Brunner (D)
32% Hartmann (R)

47% Cordray (D)
35% O'Brien (R)

Although the attorney general race is tied, the momentum is on the side of State Sen. Marc Dann (D-Liberty Township) because past polls had shown Betty Montgomery (R-Perrysburg) with a substantial lead. Dann leads 48%-31% among independents. This race has the lowest percentage of undecided voters (12%) except for the gubernatorial race (6%).

All of the Democrats lead among independents. Strickland has by far the largest such lead at 31 points (58%-27%), followed by Cordray at 20 points (49%-29%), Brunner at 19 points (43%-24%), Dann at 17 points (48%-31%), and Sykes at 11 points (41%-30%). This presumably means that a big turnout favors Democrats, while a small turnout will make the results closer. (Reports have been coming out that a record turnout of around 55% is expected.)

The Auditor and Secretary of State races are strikingly divided along gender lines. In the former, Taylor leads among men 43%-38% but Sykes leads among women 42%-31%. In the latter, Brunner leads 44%-28% among women but only 38%-36% among men.

The Secretary of State race has the most undecided voters (25%), especially among independents (30%). The auditor race is next (23%), also more so among independents (29%). In the governor race only 6% are undecided.

This was a telephone poll of 625 respondents conducted Oct. 31-Nov. 2 and has a margin of error of 4 points.

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