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Thursday, November 16

Secty State: Must-Read Essay by Brunner (D) at Huff Post

Secretary of state-elect Jennifer Brunner (D-Columbus) speaks from the heart in a piece published at Huffington Post yesterday:
I've faced and examined my fears and used them to better understand how I must live my life. I believe that as humans, we must love and care for one another and serve each other, and that this is our highest calling. When this is the focus, it becomes easier to examine fears and understand how they can deter us from our calling. It also becomes easier to examine our fears with objectivity and learn from them.

Like many others, I've overcome obstacles great and small, and have tried to use my experiences to encourage and help others to reach their full potential. I became a candidate for Secretary of State of Ohio, because I saw as a judge how public service allows a person to do much to help others, serving the best interests of family, faith and community. I learned early on that by speaking the truth and not being afraid to do the right thing or make the tough call--and working hard for what you believe in--you can achieve what you seek, in this particular case, preserving democracy in Ohio and for this country.
Read the whole thing.


At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Tangible Results said...

When Lame Ducks Attack

Because Brunner's "must-read..from the heart" piece at Huffington Post is so in tune with what Ohio citizens want from their election system, and why Ohio voters selected Jennifer over her flashy and sleazy Republican opponent, it behooves us all, especially those with access to informed sources, to keep an eagle eye on what the Republican-controlled lame duck legislature does going forward to hamper Brunner's office or budget, even before she even takes the oath of office on January 8th. Whether they will seek to hobble her efforts at imiplementing her campaign pledges to fix the system has yet to be seen. But it should be anticipated.

Although the Dems won seats overall this year, narrowing the gap most in the lower chamber, remember that the Ohio Senate ande House are still ruled by Republicans, who have the incentive and motive to meddle further in the new year, when the next biennial budget cycle commences. Keep in mind, Cleveland's BOE, which is chaired by Bob "keep government small" Bennett [now that's a laugh riot all by itself] had to purchase more electronic-voting system machinery this election cycle alone at the cost of a cool $8 million. This amount is roughly the size of the SOS's entire two-year GRF budget line item. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Keep your eagle eyes peeled -- then sound the alarm here. That goes for you too, YDS. I know you're up to it.

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