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Thursday, September 21

Cong OH-13: Sutton (D) Announces Plan on Jobs & Economy

Thirteenth Congressional District candidate Betty Sutton (D-Copley) today unveiled her "The Three E's of the New Economy" plan, addressing job creation through ethics, entrepreneurial innovation, and education. The plan aims to make Northeast Ohio a technological center through investment in research and development of new clean fuels, polymers, and stem-cell research, and focuses on funding for higher education and vocational training to help create the highly skilled workforce necessary for high-tech jobs.

"I believe this plan will help truly revitalize Northeast Ohio's economy," Sutton said. "By investing in the research and development of the technology of tomorrow, as well as the workforce of tomorrow, we can ensure that the district's economy and its citizens have a bright future."

Sutton's plan also addresses the culture of corruption in government, calling for the elimination of no-bid contracts like those awarded to Halliburton in Iraq and New Orleans and cracking down on corporate tax breaks, such as the corporate jet loophole that allows executives to write off flying on private jets for a fraction of the cost.

"For too long now government has catered to corporate special interests while ignoring the needs of the average American worker," Sutton stated. "No longer can we sit idly by and give tax breaks to companies that ship our jobs overseas while the workers whose jobs are lost are then forced to foot the bill. My plan will cut corporate tax breaks and stand up to corporate special interests. It will then put the money saved by eliminating these tax breaks to good use, funding both the education and entrepreneurial elements of my plan."


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