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Thursday, September 21

Sen: Brown (D) Endorsed by Ohio CPAs

The bean counters are on board!

Today the 23,000-member Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants announced its endorsement of Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-Avon) in the race for U.S. Senate.
“Based on Sherrod Brown’s ability to reach across the aisle to pursue bipartisan solutions, his commitment to restore fiscal responsibility in government, and his long-standing support of our positions on a number of securities issues, we are pleased to endorse Sherrod in his bid for the Senate,” commented Allyn Adams, CPA, Society endorsement committee member. "The Congressman's strong working relationship with a number of members of the Ohio Society helped earn him our endorsement,” said Jim Carroll, Society endorsement committee member.

“I welcome the endorsement of the Ohio Society of CPAs,” said Brown. “I have valued their expertise over the years on tax reform and on ways to control unnecessary spending and I look forward to their insight in the coming years as I fight to reduce the nation’s skyrocketing deficit. Fiscal responsibility must be restored in Congress.”


At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is incredible. The OSCPA has been endorsing almost 100% Republicans for years.

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