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Friday, November 3

Atty Gen: Dann (D) Threatens Suit to Obtain BWC Documents, Including Initial Audit

Today State Sen. Marc Dann (D-Liberty Township) wrote to William Mabe, chief executive officer of the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, to protest the latter's resistance to turning over documents requested by Dann, and to lay down the gauntlet:
[I]f you are not able to complete the review and redaction referenced in your letter of November 2, 2006 within 72 hours I will be forced to initiate legal action to protect the rights of Ohio’s taxpayers, employers, and injured workers.
Dann also objected to Mabe's continued refusal to produce the initial audit completed by internal auditor Keith Elliot, in redacted or un-redacted form, of what may have been the inappropriate granting of manual overrides of premiums as favors to politically connected employers. Dann wrote that this initial audit "may provide the public with some insight into the processes and procedures, or lack thereof, that enabled BWC administrators to give some employers preferential treatment. I am assuming this is the case since the results of Mr. Elliot’s audit spurred you to ask that the issue be studied more thoroughly."

All indications are that Dann has ferreted out yet another politically charged financial scandal and he's not about to let go of it.


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