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Saturday, November 4

Ohio Sen 3rd: Dispatch Pans Goodman (R) Ads

"Campaign Ad Watch" pieces in the Columbus Dispatch here and here pick up on the intentionally deceptive nature of ads for State Sen. David Goodman (R-New Albany) against Emily Kreider (D-Westerville). As described by the reporter, Goodmans' ads attacking Kreider for skipping some elections "cleverly leave the impression among viewers not paying close attention that Kreider has missed votes as a public official, rather than at the polls" and "have muddied the waters even further by not referring to Goodman as senator, not calling for his re-election and ending with the phrase 'leadership for a change,' though Goodman has been a part of the majority party at the Statehouse since 1998." Kreider's response, which unfortunately is getting only limited air time on cable, is brilliantly simple. At extreme close range, a very slightly scowling Kreider says, "I have never missed a vote as a public official. Never. Not once. And the reason is simple: I’m running for public office for the very first time. I’m tired of misleading ads and dishonest politicians. Aren’t you?" View the Kreider ad here.


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